Westward Productions


Former British Paratrooper Karl Bushby embarks on a year-long journey to walk - one step at a time - 3,600 miles from the Pacific shores of Los Angeles to the steps of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. His goal: convince Moscow to allow him back in to Siberia, so he can complete his record-setting 20-year, 36,000-mile walk around the world. In 1998, with only $300 to his name, Bushby set out on a challenge to complete the longest continuous walk in human history. Planning to return to his home in Britain on foot, he left the southern tip of South America and walked up through Central America, North America and into Russia, successfully completing the first documented on-foot crossing of the Bering Strait from Alaska to Russia. After trekking nearly 2,000 miles into the grueling Siberian tundra, the Russian government placed a five-year visa ban on Bushby, halting the expedition to which he has already dedicated a third of his life. Now, this modern-day adventurer is walking from Los Angeles to the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. with his visa application in hand, in hopes of overturning the ban and continuing what he started sixteen years ago. The trek take will Bushby through the Western deserts, over the Rockies, across the Great Plains, over the Appalachians and onwards to the U.S. Capital. As he battles the elements and the emotional toll that comes along with 15 years on the road, we will learn that Karl is the embodiment of perseverance, and that it is indeed possible, if not incredibly rewarding, to steadfastly pursue one's wildest dreams.