Westward Productions


A true visionary, iconic surfer Peter Drouyn dominated the international competitive ranks in the 1960s and 1970s, changed the way modern surf competitions are run and introduced surfing to China. But there was a lot that Peter kept private. During his competitive years, he was hypersensitive and introspective amid a culture that was often macho, myopic and sexist. For most of his career he felt ostracized even though he was revered by his contemporaries. In the '80s he drifted away from competitive surfing and all but disappeared.

In 2008, Peter announced on Australian national television that he had been living as a woman. Her new name, she said, was Westerly Windina. Our documentary will explore Westerly's past as a man, her gender-reassignment operation in Thailand, and will follow her, post-op, as she acclimates to the newest chapter of her enigmatic journey.